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Hi All,
Can anyone help me... I have been asked today about a tax exemption certificate and how to get one. I have looked on the internet, but it just gave me loads of links that didnt lead to anything in perticular.
This tax exemption certificate has been asked of a builder who has to submit it with a quote he is doing for a also mentions public liabilty insurance, which is okay he has that in place.
It maybe that i am looking to hard, but any help would be appreciated

Thanks in advance.:001_smile:


  • T.C.
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    Are you referring to tax exemption, ie CIS tax deduction at gross, or a VAT tax exemption because of a new build or such like? Perhaps you could give us some more information. I am assuming it is for CIS, but let me know and I will try to help.
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    Thanks for you response, he is registared with the cis with a verification number etc, so i assume it is this they are refering to...however he is quoting for an extension to an existing building which is half being funded by the local authority as it is for a disabled person. He is not Vat registatred at present.

    I was thinking that they may have meant his cis card, so that the local authority can pay his 20% over to the inland revenue..but i didnt realise it was also called a tax exemption certificate!!

    thanks in advance
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    Some goods/services for the disabled have a reduced/zero rate of VAT attached to them. This is however a horrendously complex area, and I would recommend a phone call to the VAT office - always remembering to get a call reference for if they give you duff advice!

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    I think that they probably mean his CIS details, but I would get this clarified. They are perhaps assuming that his has a tax exemption certificate under the CIS scheme whereby he does not have any tax deducted. I would suggest that he contact them and ask for clarification on what they actually need. If they merely need his CIS details (as the new scheme requires) then all he needs to do is supply his UTR and NI numbers and they can get him verified. Hope that helps.
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    The CIS cards are no longer in use. What he needs to give them is his UTR and NI number as TC said. Then his client should call HMRC for a verification number and to confirm the % to be deducted for CIS
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