Double Entry Bookkeeping in Excel

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My employer in their infinite wisdom want to do some double entry bookkeeping in Excel. Does anyone do this? They do have a finance system but they haven't switched on the part of the finance system that does what they want to do. This double entry has always been kept seperate as it was in existance before the current finance system. If they can't do it in Excel I suspect I'll end up doing it manually.:ohmy:


  • A-Vic
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    Do you mean something like VT Accounts on excel or just like an imprest system?

    Both can be used yes.

    Sorry if am totally wrong :001_smile:
  • speegs
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    We keep our journal log in excel but that's about it.

  • elseif
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    Hi everyone

    I ve heard about a small workbook on Microsoft Excel that is intended to perform a double-entry bookkeeping easily

    It is free and available here :
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