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I have had a question from a client regarding her grandson. Apparently he moved to Dubai in September 2007 with his family and is applying for residency. He works in Dubai for a UK company at present. He has just received his P60 and realises that he is paying UK tax. Can he make any claim against this tax?
Basically this is not my field, so any help here would be greatly appreciated.


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    Your clients grandson should have completed a P85 on leaving the country. This would have notified the Revenue that he was non-resident for tax purposes. Whether he can reclaim the tax paid would depend on if the Revenue will accept a backdated P85. Suggest you speak to the Revenue helpline.
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    I would agree with farmergiles. You can apportion the tax year based on the individual's "intentions". Going off the top of my head here; if the intention is to leave the county for more than 2 years that individual and apportion the tax year. He would then pay UK taxation upto the date of departure.

    So, in the grandsons case, he will have to pay UK tax from the 06.04.07 to ??.09.07. From ??.09.07 to 05.04.08 he will not.

    I think you also have 2 years from departure to make the claim so the Revenue should have no problems in backdating.

    Interesting how works comes from 'chatting' isn't it!


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