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We have a sub contractor who also does some work for use. He doesn't split his invoices, but I keep a record of what work is charged out to our customers and therefore subbing and deduct tax accordingly.
I'm about to fill in the monthly return and realise that if I put the total amount of the invoices down, the % I'm deducting will look wrong, so do I only enter the amount that is actually sub-contracting and do the same on his statement?

Think I know the answer, but just want someone to confirm!


  • Poodle
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    Not sure what you are saying, are you saying that the work carried out for you falls outside of CIS?

  • T.C.
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    Are you saying that he is invoicing your for work under the construction industry scheme for your company and also for private work carried on in your house? If so, you are obviously paying him separately. And as such you should be able to provide him with a payment statement for the work carried on for the business separately.
    I hope that helps. If not please explain further.
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