Duty to Report to HMRC

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Do you think I have a duty to report a builder contractor who is totally ignoring the Construction Industry Scheme and paying all his subbies gross? I don't act for the contractor, but I do act for one of the subbies.


  • Poodle
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    Morally I would say yes and my first port of call would be


    But I do not think that SOCR is approriate as you do not act for him

  • claudialowe
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    I had a "Compliance Review" on one of my clients (both a contractor and a sub-contractor) yesterday, and the Inspector "noted" that a main contractor had been paying my client gross.

    He said that we were "welcome" to phone him any time if we came across any contractors not operating CIS........ all info would be in strictest confidence blah blah blah.

    I would have thought that your local compliance office in Yarmouth (probably?) would be your best bet. I think that they are in Havenbridge House, or have they been moved elsewhere now - Scotland perhaps - or perish the thought Norwich :lol::lol::lol::lol:

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