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Dear all in Somerset or surrounding counties

I am just completing my application form to become a MIP and I need someone to be my Professional Cover.

I am based in Bridgwater, Somerset (on M5 corridor).

I currently only have 6 clients as I have just returned to work from having my second child. I am only doing ten hours work per week, due to having two children under the age of three. I am hoping to expand the business this year thanks to the kids attending nursery a couple of days a week, but will still only be a small concern maybe upto twenty hours a week.

The services I am offering are:-

Bookkeeping, Financial Accounting and Accounts Preparation, Management Accounting and Payroll.

VAT, Personal and Business Income Tax.

If any one would like to volunteer to be my professional cover or knows of someone, please contact me.




  • Moobag
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    Hi Claire

    I am in Taunton and would be happy to help, let me know if you are interested and send me a private message


  • elppa
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    Hi both,

    I am not qualified to help you but hope you don't mind I'm asking you for a little advice.

    I am finishing my aat technician level and am currently gathering all the info for providing similar services.

    The question is, once i completed the course, will i have enough qualification to provide the services or do i need to register with ICB and entering it's exams as well?

    Thx in advance for anything

    Wish you both all the best

  • monkeypuzzle47
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    Hi Claire
    I need one of those too, and was wondering if we could help each other out, however I am just waiting for my final project to be assessed in order to get full aat membership, but all the forms are filled and waiting to go off and Im hoping this wont take too long.
    If you are interested please email me a private message. I currently offer services to childminders and have over 50 clients, so I desperately need to sort out my Pract Cert.
    Please let me know if you can help too in any way.
    I understand if you cant wait for me.
    kind regards, Jenny
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