PQ mag/reed salary checker

richardw Registered Posts: 108 Dedicated contributor 🦉
Does anyone get PQ magazine?
This month has a salary checker from Reed
'all figures shown are top end of the scale'

They have an AAT intermediate in the west midlands at £21151!
What about the bottom end of the scale, or an average?


  • LouLou143
    LouLou143 Registered Posts: 74 Regular contributor ⭐
    Hi RichardW

    Yup I get it too and it made me laugh...looked at mine and thought mmmm, don't get nowhere near!

    Maybe we should leave the mag open on the page on our bosses desk!!!
  • saintconor
    saintconor Registered Posts: 6 New contributor 🐸

    I finish Intermediate now in June. I live in the West Midlands. Realistically what can I expect as a starting salary?



    PS - I left a 14,000 a year job as a baker to go to college full time to complete the Foundation/Intermediate Fast Track
  • richardw
    richardw Registered Posts: 108 Dedicated contributor 🦉
    I have an ok job in the public sector in the west mids, so pay is slightly higher.
    AAT isnt essential to the job, but is an advantage, & im on just over £16k
    The salaries on these surveys are way out!
  • jorja1986
    jorja1986 Registered Posts: 210 Dedicated contributor 🦉
    I swear they just think of a number!!!
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