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I would welcome any advice anyone could give me please:
After being responsible for the admin and Sage maintenance of a finance brokerage with my (almost) ex husband, I am now just finishing my first year in AAT. I am qualified in Sage accounting (also been using it for approx 6 years and am more than comfortable and competent in it), I am self-employed at the moment and I provide high level p.a. services to one client with a diverse business and property portfolio. I am moving over gradually to manage this clients accounts as the previous AAT employed in this post was found to be incompetant. I would like to take on a couple more clients - just basic book keeping etc. Do I need any special insurance cover etc. and what would I require in the way of a Sage package, licenses, or anything anyone can think of to help with my progression???? :confused1:

Many thanks in anticipation of!
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