June Exams!!

Moseley_21Moseley_21 Feels At HomePosts: 59Registered
Only 8 weeks left until our exams!! when will everyone start revising?? also could i ask what job roles everyone is in? i am working in credit control and i am getting concerned that i should be more accounts orientated for next year??


  • FOODFATHERFOODFATHER Just Joined Posts: 2Registered
    Gonna start revising ecr right about now. And I dont have a job atm, I'm hopefully have one in the summer, as an accounts assistant.
  • lesscilessci Well-Known Posts: 180Registered
    It's very scary! Not only are the exams in 8 weeks,but I've got 2 simulations to complete before them!!! Lord knows went I'll get time to do some revision as I study at nightschool, have a full time job, play in a band, and have a house to run. I suppose I can sleep when I'm dead! :ohmy:
  • nikkimac131nikkimac131 Just Joined Posts: 1Registered
    Where are you taking your exams? My nearest centre is about 1.5hours away from my home, and I'm going to have to ask someone to collect my girls from school.
  • RexieRexie New Member Posts: 10Registered
    I am in credit control too, even though my company is paying for me to AAT NVQ 3, they will not let me assist the Accounts Administrator ot the Management Accountant. I work 45 hours a week, go to college two nights a weeks and revise most other nights.

    Feel really let down by my company, as I will have spent my time doing the AAT and if I want to get into accounts, I need experience, or take a £10k pay cut, as in the North East, the saleries seldon exceed £20k for accounts assistants.

    When finished this, goin to revert back and finish Institute of Credit Management Foundation course.

    I have decided at 39 years old that I am doing this for myself in the hope that I can find a more forward thinking company.
  • PrimblePrimble Experienced Mentor Posts: 734Registered
    I'm taking my intermediate level exams ( i started the course at this level) so it is the 1st time I have done this. I am very scared about failing and havn't handed in my latest progress test in on time.oops. am getting behind but will study like crazy evey weekend until the exams.
    I work in an accounts office where there is just me and one other person number crunching. She thought about taking AATs but is progressing nicely in the company without them, I am trying to get it so if I decided to leave I will have qualifications and experience. even though she's been there 5 years and I've only been there 8 months we still have the same job title.
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