VAT Deregistration

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Hi everybody,

Please, I would really appreciate your help in clarifying this for me.

A company who is exempted from VAT registration registered for VAT and now realised they shouldn't have.

HMRC agreed to this and intends to refund their money as soon as they fill in form VAT 193 - Final VAT Return.

My clarifications are these:

* Would any sales figure be included in this form at all as they intend to deregister from the day of registration?

* Should the form be submitted as a NIL return?

* The appropriate way of filling the form.

The company do not intend to include any input VAT or purchases figure at all. All they want is their refund.

Everybody's advice is welcome.

Thanks in advance.


  • Devilishbird
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    HMRC would be the best people to ask regarding filing the form, they can then tell you what you need to put.

  • Sindy
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    VAT Deregistration

    Hi Devilisbird,

    Thanks for your response.
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