best(expensive??)in north east london to study ACCA???

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I have just one exam to go in June and will be AAT qualified.

It will be very helpful if anyone gives me some information where is the best place to study ACCA (nearest to N16).The reason why I am asking is because I don't have much time to shop around(maybe some of you have done this)and it has to be the nearest one as I am working,and I have got children to take care of.

Also any info in online option(learn on line ACCA??) on your own time ,at your home?anyone thinking of doing this?

Any idea,advice will be beneficial to me

Thank you


  • PebblesPebbles New Member Posts: 7Registered
    Bpp, Ftc & First Intuition

    Have a look at First Intuition, all ex BPP tutors, excellent facilities/environment and very flexible classes. Free fresh coffee too. It's on the Northern Line. A few of my friends are there and say it's excellent.

    BPP and Kaplan are good.
  • br1t1shbo1br1t1shbo1 New Member Posts: 13Registered
    theres an FTC kaplan in Angel, just next to the station so you can deffo go and study there. Just take the 73 bus down that's what i do!
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    Two of my work colleagues go to First Intuition and say that the tutors are really helpful. Not may students have heard of it. I am hoping to go there when finished AAT.
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