So I got an interview

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Hi guys, first time poster!

Ive an interview on Friday to become a Trainee Accounting Technician, but seemingly there is a 15 minute exam before the Interview. Now Ive no idea what to expect so what kind of things would they feasibly ask me?

Job said all that was required was GCSE's

Also, have you any tips that can help me in an interview? :tongue_smilie: Especiall expected salary. Training will be provided, so I assume exams may possibly be paid for... Ive no Accounting qualifications whatsoever

Sorry, Im kind of new to all of this, so apologies if I did something wrong!!


  • jorja1986
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    Good luck.

    It is probably more an aptitude test than anything else. SO that they know how you learn and what to expect of how you process thing and how you apply your logic.

    Salary varies company to company so we cant really sugest what to expect as we dont know your, or the firms bacground. I was on £10k when I started out. But some start on £14 so anything inbetween seems fair. It sounds like you will have to start at Intermediate level if you have no experience so this will be reflected in the offer especially if they will be providing training as it is expensive.

    Basically just be yourself try and stay as calm as possible and ask lots of questions. Though not about salary straight away. If you do that you will look like you are only in it for the money and some employers wont take to kindly to that. THey want someone who will wants to work, not work for money. I know it sounds backwards but I have been though lots of interviews and never once have i asked about salary but tehy always say.

    It also means that when you get called back you have something to discuss as if you get called back you are thought of as a possible employee and then is salary an issue.

    (sorry for essay!!!):thumbup:
  • alwa-37
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    yaah just trust urself n u wll b succeed.. i wish u all the best oll my blessings ar with u:thumbup::001_smile:
  • numberjunky
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    Interviews ! Arrrrgggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    I'm sick of them. Testing questions..."What's your weaknesses...What's your strong points? Have you ever failed in anything?....Yawn yawn...I know these companies have to narrow their choices down but it does seem that it's nothing to do with your qualifications but how you come across in the interview so I strongly suggest searching the Net for techniques. I have never worked in an office so some of the questions I'm asked just do not cross over to my profession. I'm now convinced that the secret is to make something up that fits the box that these interviewers want to hear......the day you worked all night to meet a deadline, the time you fought off three armed raiders who tried to steal someone's accounts...yadda yadda...I have been far too honest in the interview I've done. Give them what they want - BS

    I am at a tremendous disadvantage as I am 44 and I've been self employed for 20 years. I am desperate to get into an accounts roll but I am competing with '20 somethings' and, with the interviewers knowing that I have been a professional person for 20 years, I am sure they have convinced themselves that I won't work for the crappy wages they are offering... Less than £9000 over here.

    I am due to complete level 3 in June and I had planned to do level 4 but I am now reconsidering. What is the point of being level 4 qualified without ever working in an office. That just makes me as useful as a chocolate spanner on a cylinder head. Rant over....and..................relax....Ahhhhhhhhhh

    Basically - Good luck and go prepared!
  • Cullen
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    I was once asked in an interview if I was a car what car would I be? I responded with the actual make and model I drove at the time. I got the job, if anyone thinks it will help it was a Ford Prefect.
  • CJC
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    Hmm... I'd be an Audi Quattro. Pretty fast, trendy and desirable in the 80s but past it's prime and in need of some attention these days.
  • Cullen
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    Is there a Gene Hunt in you then, CJ? I related more to the Ford Cortinas in the 1970s Life on Mars. Wasn't that the best thing ever on the telly? Ahhhhhh nostalgia.......
  • chelsii
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    goodluck brownrob, like numberjunky said its real difficult to get a accounting or financial post without prior experience. Im doing my aat study and would love the chance to work in accounts as would so many others. Go for it and just be yourself with confidence, sell your qualities and jump at all training as opportunities like these are few and far between. Numberjunky did make me laugh but the frustration is real, and cullens interview has given me hope, ha ha.
  • kazseera
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    heyyy did u get the jobbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb?
  • lessci
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    CJC wrote: »
    Hmm... I'd be an Audi Quattro. Pretty fast, trendy and desirable in the 80s but past it's prime and in need of some attention these days.

    Are you driven by Gene Hunt?
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