Is it important?

alwa-37alwa-37 Feels At HomePosts: 38Registered
Is it important to understand the business situation in doing AAT?


  • phunkyphantom22phunkyphantom22 Well-Known Posts: 166Registered

    In what context?

    Do you mean how an every day accounting function within a business works?
  • alwa-37alwa-37 Feels At Home Posts: 38Registered
    i mean do we have to be practically involed in accounting job?

    i dnt hav any experience in any job so sumtimes feel dificulty in thinking the reality....:confused1:
  • fpettiferfpettifer Feels At Home Posts: 40Registered
    it all depends on how you are with studying. personally being in an accounting role has made aat easier to understand. however areas of aat that i don't cover in my work take a bit longer in understanding :001_rolleyes:
  • phunkyphantom22phunkyphantom22 Well-Known Posts: 166Registered
    Being in an accounting role will help you to understand AAT as you will be able to see what happens in real life - doing AAT will also help you to understand your job.

    However, you can study AAT even if not in an accounting role but you will need 1 years relevant experience to become a full member at the end of your studies, so I suggest you try to get into an accounts role as soon as you can.
  • alwa-37alwa-37 Feels At Home Posts: 38Registered
    hmmm soon i wll try to involve in accounting job

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