help please, on past papers!!

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im doing past papers, and im confused, as i learn to do something one way. and on another past paper its done differently.

why is this, cause i think i know, but i dont.......



  • SandyHood
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    My view on past exam questions is that they are valuable.

    When you have a good grasp of the subject print off a question and try it.
    Then see if your answer agrees with the examiner's.

    I don't recommend looking at the answer first. That can be confusing.

    Your tutor may well show you more thorough or more generally applicable approaches compared to the ones that appear in the examiner's own. Also, the examiner will usually show only one technique but will have many in his/her marking scheme. So I do not consider that using examiner's answers as an aid to learning a subject.

    Interestingly, the answers have not been as easily available now as they used to be and I think this problem has followed their publication.
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