Qualified AAT Needing Practical Training

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Hello everyone - this is my first post on the forum.

I am AAT qualified (and ACCA part qualified). I am 8+ years post my AAT qualification. I currently work for a large national practice, having spent 8+ years working for the biggest accountancy firm.

I am looking to set up for myself providing bookkeeping, tax, year end services to small businesses.

The problem I have is that whilst I have the above qualifications, I have always (11 years) worked in insolvency and therefore have no practical accounting experience.

I am looking to leave my current full time position anyway because I have another business venture but I see providing accountancy services as fitting nicely alongside my other venture.

Sorry for waffling, my question is: Does anyone know or is anyone willing to provide practical training to me? If you are, please let me know costs. I am based in Leeds.


  • Poodle
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    Are you not able to transfer to another department within your exising employment to gain the experience that you reqire?

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