Problems Downloading Past Paper - Is It Just Me?

Celtic AngelCeltic Angel Settling In NicelyPosts: 17Registered
Hi All

I've attempted to run off the documentation for all past papers for the DFS exam. I can't get to the proforma for June 2006, or the Answer papers for December 2005, December 2004 and December 2003 - it keeps stating that the file is damaged and could not be repaired. Is this a glitch across the system - or just mine (its temperamental at the best of times). Has anyone else complained and are AAT doing anything about it do we know - seems pointless to do past papers if we can't gain access to the answers or proformas!



  • jackiejackie Feels At Home Posts: 81Registered

    If you would like to PM your email address to me I can email the pro forma and answers for DFS. I have no problem in opening them.

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