How To Gain Experience In Accounting?

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Hey im studying the AAT, every job I apply for ask's for experience which I haven't got. I'm wondering if anyone knows any ways to gain experience, or firms that take on trainees who have no previous experience?




  • ambitious
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    Look for trainee accountant roles which are rare but possible. Your best bet is also to looks for accounts assistant roles or something temporary via agencies or direct through a newspaper or jobcentre advert. The fact that your doing the AAT is enough to show you've got the initiative to work a career in accountancy and learn along the way. As for the experience factor this is something I'm suffering from when looking for "Assistant Accountant" roles even though I've been an "accounts assistant" for the past 4 years. So I think you just need to keep doing the AAT and hope someone is willing to take a chance with you. Temporary work at the very least in a finance based environment.
  • jorja1986
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    Ambitious made a good point try temping work - if it is an option to you. That way you will gain experience and you never know may lead to a permenant role? At the very least you will meet lots of new people and gain experience of working in different offices.

    Remember some temping roles can last at least a year. I started temping for a firm doing basic bank recs. After 3 weeks they hired me and i was able to do more work on the bank recs and work closley with my seniors.
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