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Hey All

Just a quick one for you, a client has put in an opening balance for a supplier incorrectly and no opening balance was needed, is there anyway you can remove it without having to make adjustments so that it wont show upon the month end ect.

Any help given would be great,

Thanks :thumbup1:


  • welshwizard
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    Can't you 'void' it out? I seem to remember there being a void function somewhere. if not you would have to journal it out.
  • Londina
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    new version

    if you have the new version, you can reverse the journal using the Reverse Wizard :001_smile:
  • Primble
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    use the reversal function. it won't show on the reports
  • A-Vic
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    Thanks for the suggestions all, however, we have decided to go with credit note as this allows for the vat.

    thanks :001_smile:
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