Ptc, Mac & Dfs Exams together

sharonsharon Well-KnownPosts: 161Registered
Hi all,

Is there anyone doing these 3 exams in june together?:001_smile:


  • gemmacoopsgemmacoops Just Joined Posts: 1Registered
    Im sitting BTC,PTC and MAC in June and Im very worried about it now....only 7 weeks left!!
  • sharonsharon Well-Known Posts: 161Registered
    Me too i'm stressing like crazy! Although i have started revising now! Which is good news! Do you study a couple of hours of each exams. Im revising one exam at a time! Which im not sure if is a good idea! As i don't want to forget MAC Revision by time i get to the exam week!

    Wish we had a few months for the exams yet! I am so not prepared at all!!
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