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After a kick in the rear I much needed I am looking to do the CIMA qualification.

Would anyone be able to tell me what this is like and if it is available distance learning, (part of the kick is the job which makes day realease difficult).

I am not worried about exemptions atm as I know that this can get involved and complicated. I am interested in peoples experience of the qualification wether personal or a friend of a friend!

Thanks for any advice. It is much appreciated. I have found a new zest for accounting and I would like to get as much qualification as possible.


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    I'm currently on the final (Strategic Stage) of CIMA. It is a step up from AAT particularly the time taken to study a paper as well as the quantity - particularly more theory.

    Distance learning does make things a little more tricky - particularly as the pace of learning with home study is generally slower. As for the exemptions, there is no complication - if you have completed AAT you'll be awarded exemption from the first/certificate stage.

    Any more questions, feel free to ask.

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    Thank You.

    I just want to get some idea into what I am letting myself in for. I am pretty disciplined and I dont mind doing things slowly as I will have half a chance of it sinking in, as I understand that the pace and content of the work is very different from AAT.

    I understand that there is lots of report writing and variance analysis theory? Is this correct? THis is why I want to do this qualification as it will support me in my current role and provide with the theoretical experience to help with more comprehensive accounts and reporting.
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    To be fair there isn't that much variance analysis in CIMA, its an important part of the syllabus (and you cover more of the discussion and theory of variances than in AAT) but its is only small part in the overall scheme of things. As for report writing, some exam questions require a simple report format and there is also more emphasis on the theory, understanding and evauation than there is with AAT.

    The best possible chance of exam success is a taught course followed by a revision course. However, plenty of students do use distance learning and there are various forms of short attendance courses if you want to "top-up" your home study - some colleges offer a one or two day revision course. If you do home study i would recommend using actual exam questions from the start.

    Good papers to start with would be P1 and/or P7. P1 is a more indepth version of the management accounting covered at AAT and P7 is a more advanced version of DFS with a little tax and cash managment (slightly more advanced issues of those covered in the Cash Management AAT option). If you want to learn a bit more about the general business enviroment then P4 will also be usefull.

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    Thank you for all your advice.

    it is much appreciated getting other peoples input on what the course is like is very valuable.
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