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Hi All

sorry the confusion, but I do not understand what does it mean Chartered and Certified accoutant, I mean what is the difference? why ACCA are certified and ICAEW not?
Why the AAT are not chartered accoutant? which requirements they need to be called like that?

I'm thinking what to do after Technicians and would like to know which job does someone qualified ACCA or ICAEW.

Many thanks :lol:


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    ACCA - association of chartered certified accountants
    ICAEW - institute of chartered accountants in england and wales

    Chartered accountants usually refer to ACA (ICAEW) and certified to ACCA. They can both do the same jobs.

    AAT are accounting technicians.

    Anyone can call themselves an accountant as the term is not protected.
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    thanks Bluewednesday, but I knew already what is stand for ACCA or ICAEW...:huh:

    I'd like to know the difference, if both can do the same job, why ICAEW don't call themselves Certified too??:confused1:

    What is the definition of Certified and Chartered? what job one can do and the other can't?

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    They are two different professional bodies that run differently. Both qualifications with the right experience mean you can do the same job. ACA don't call themselves certified as they don't have certified in their title. Certified is just a way of distinguishing ACCA and ACA.

    For example, if an ACCA and an ACA have worked in auditing and got their practicing certificates they can do exactly the same job, they can be registered auditors.

    The only definition of chartered and certified is who they qualified with. A dentist can get their degree from Bristol Uni or Portsmouth Uni, they still do the same job at the end of the day.

    Does that answer your question?
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    sort of....but I think there is a little difference in the job they're doing, why are they two different bodies, otherwise? why in the job adverts they ask specifically ACCA or ACA?

    I think ACCA because they are Certified, can certify certain things, but which ones?

    oh,what a confusion :001_unsure:
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    The syllabuses are slightly different maybe that's why job adverts may ask for one or the other but I think you need to understand that a lot of the jobs that they do depend on experience that they have.

    An industry position may ask for an ACCA studier but would not necessarily be interested in me as my experience is only in practice.There is no difference in what ACA and ACCA can do - it's their experience that decides.

    There are 2 bodies because they have different entrance requirements, I believe that ICAEW is the older body and ACCA came along and was more flexible for people to study i.e. you did (and may still) need a training contract to study ACA but you don't need one to study ACCA. I wouldn't be able to do ACA as I only work part time but ACCA allows me to study without a training contract.

    I don't know what else to say to convince you - anyone else?
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    ACCA and ICAEW can be compared (for illustration purposes) to the checkout operators at Tesco and Asda.

    Tesco may have different recruitment procedures than Asda, but essentially they do the same job.

    Have a look at each professional body's website and see what you can make of them. Syllabus-wise they are different, but there's nothing an ACCA qualified/ICAEW qualified can do that the other can't.

    Kind regards
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    Ok, I understood now, everything is more clearer.

    thanks so much Bluewednesday and Peugeout, you were very helpful and kind.

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