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Has anyone had any experience with launching a complaint against HMRC for being totally unprofessional and unfair in a tax enquiry. My client wishes to complain and I am right behind him. If there are any experts out there your help would be much appreciated. :thumbup:


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    Hi TC,

    I have never had a cause to complain about an Inspector but on a recent seminar I attended, a speaker outlined the complaints procedure they have which can be found here:

    From recent comments I have come across insofar as HMRC and their way of working these days, I suspect their complaints department may be rather busy!

    Good luck

  • T.C.
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    Thanks for that, but does anyone have any experience of complaining about a tax enquiry. Basically I think we just need something else to take over the enquiry. Does anyone know if this is easy to do or whether I will have to take on the full complaints procedure? Any advice would be really helpful. Thanks and sorry for waffling.
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    I have just spoken with a "human" tax inspector from a different office for his advice on the situation. It seems that the best approach at this stage is to ask the tax inspector's line manager to review the case at this time and state the reasons for this, ie significant delays, emotional stress, no major errors found etc. He was really helpful. I suggested that I meet with the line manager and he said that I should only give this as an option if they feel it necessary, because if it thens go to formal complaint and my client is seen to be 'in the right', then the expenses of the meeting can be recovered. Why can't this type of friendly advice be available to all?
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    Because that would make our lives tooooooo easy.

    After all, everyone (particularly accountants) outside HMRC are deemed to be guilty until proven innocent.

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