DFS Pro Forma problems

bitterblueben Registered Posts: 2 New contributor ?
Hi there,

I am taking DFS in June and am looking through past papers. The only problem i have is that there is no set pro forma for each question, they appear to be set out differently so i wondered what is the best way to revise these questions?




  • alwa-37
    alwa-37 Registered Posts: 38 ? ? ?
    i'm also takin DFS in june and i got all pro formas for DFS..

    Its available in AAT website for 2003 to 2007..

    get it frm there:thumbup:
  • sharon
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    Where on the website can you find them?
  • Elle1967
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    Hi Sharon
    Go to the student section of the AAT webstie and click on the December 2007 question paper download, just under the picture in the middle column. Then click on Technician to go to past exam papers. Scroll down and there are DFS proforams, click on this to download and print.
    Hope this help
  • sharon
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    Thanks Elle... I thought it would tell me what goes underneath each one... e.g. What goes under Non current assets..etc! I know it does not in the exam but thought it was a guide. Thanks anyway mate.
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