Full Membership?

TraceyD06 Registered Posts: 13 New contributor 🐸
Hi there,

I have just received an email saying that my unit 10 project has been signed off. Yay!!! :thumbup:

I am one of those who left the project to the last minute :thumbdown: and it was the only thing I had left to do. Now that I have passed everything I am now very eager to apply for full membership and then MIP status. Do you know what happens next. Do I wait to hear or can I just print forms off of the web? I guess that part of it depends on when premier training let the AAT know.

Oooh I am so very excited! :lol:



  • Gianni
    Gianni Registered Posts: 99 Regular contributor ⭐
    AAT will send you out the documents and application form inviting you to apply for membership. They're usually fairly quick so I imagine it'll come through next week.
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