pcr dec 07 qu.1.2 c

Hi everyone,

I am stuck on the above question I can not work out how you work out the total overtime available, i.e 10 x 50 = 500 i get that, but the part i dont get is how they got the figure 50 from, where did they get the info to come to 50????????? Its making me very confused and panicky!

any help would be appreciated!



  • SandyHood
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    Don't confuse the tasks.
    At the point of doing 1.2c the fact that overtime is limited to 50 hours per employee has not been disclosed.
    Instead you should be looking at just the total basic hours and overtime required for the revised production and sales.
    I have the advantage of doing this on a spreadsheet and have 2019.75 hrs as the total, 1400 as the basic and 619.75 as the overtime required.
    (The examiner has rounded earlier and has 2021 and 621 respectively)

    It is only in task 1.3 that the overtime is limited to 50 hours per employee is disclosed. That is so that you can identify whether the labour time (or the material) is the key limit to production.
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  • lorraine
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    Hi Sandy,

    thank you for your help on this question, you have put my mind at rest over the query.

    Thank you so much.

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