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Hi, first time for a long time, its good to be back. I am work in a small office as office manager, i have qualified in Feb this year and just became a full member (really Chuffed:thumbup:) anyway i am looking to see if anyone can point me in the right direction to get a book about the pegasus capital gold software. This is my first post since i left college and i dont have anyone in the office to give me advise when i make a mistake:001_unsure: i have looked at some book stores but they have told me they no longer print them. any advice would be great


  • warwick5763
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    Hi Dawn, I am service manager at a pegasus reseller. We drop the capital Gold CD in the bin as we have no customers with it as it is very much a stale product. There are some great offers around for old Pegasus users to upgrade to Opera II and you could make life a lot easier for yourself if you bought an upgrade to Opera II. This is the main stream product that Pegasus put all their efforts into The people who provide telephone support you should know about this. I would say that only HELP within the system is available to you
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    I have an old copy of Pegasus. I have found one of the books that came with it " Crystal reports" I will organise a search to see if we still have the instruction book somewhere too.
    Cant promise I will find it though.
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