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I've been asked by someone to check that he's paying the correct amount of tax as some of his colleagues have recently received some quite large tax rebates.
His only income is from employment and earns approx £50k a year. He pays £100 a month into a pension scheme. This is the net amount and is deducted from his net pay. I've received a printout from the pension provider showing his £100's and the £28 Basic Rate Tax relief being added to his plan, however he doesn't appear to be getting relief for the higher rate tax that he's paying.
Am I right in thinking that his basic rate tax band should be extended by the amount of contributions he's made? I've checked his P60 figures over the past 4 years and his band hasn't been adjusted at all - his income has been taxed in the normal bands.
I'm assuming that if I complete tax returns for the past 4 years with his P60 details and details of his pension contributions then this will generate a refund for him - but in the future should his tax code be altered so that he automatically gets relief or should he be completing tax returns every year?




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    As a higher rate taxpayer it is advisable to monitor the tax position every year.

    The Revenue have no way of knowing what pension contributions he is making so how can they amend his tax code?

    Once you have submitted repayment claims for those previous years then I suspect they will adjust his PAYE code but it would be advisable to phone up his tax office and get them to make that adjustment anyway.
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    Thanks :)
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