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Please can someone help me.
I am trying to do a cashflow statement for 31 Mar 05, and i dont know how to work out the Proceed of Sales for NAC.

I have been given the gain on sales which is £2
Depn last year was £250 - this year depn is 275.
NCA - 500 last year - 330 this year.

They are giving us additional information
In may 04 a non current asset was sold, which originally cost £10,000 and was purchased in July 02. In june an asset was brought for £110,000. Non current assets are depreciated at 25% of cost. The policy is to charge a full years depn in the year of purchase and none in the year of sale.

I would be so grateful if someone could help me.


  • karenv
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    I may be missing you point completely here.
    But wont the proceeds form the sale be the cost value- deprecition + the gain.

    I think that would be
    £10,000- (2yrs dep at 25%)£5000+£2000( the gain)

    Total proceeds therefore £7000
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