Alice White
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does anyone know when we can call ourselves accountants?

Someone told me I had to take ACCA first, but then I read somewhere that you can finish AAT and be an accountant.

Is there a rule?


  • Bluewednesday
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    answered elsewhere
  • phunkyphantom22
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    Do a search on the forums - there was a whole debate going on about this some months ago.....
  • immense
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    Alice, I have searched on the forums as this interests me too and I couldn't find a definitive answer - seems like everyone has their own opinion!! Therefore I am no better off as I still don't know the answer!!
  • bigmuggsy
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    From experience of working in a small practise I would say without a shadow of a doubt you can be a labelled as an accountant. In my workplace out of 9 staff, only 2 are actually qualified, the rest on experience. Rest assured the accounts produced by those qualified by experience are exactly the same as those who are chartered. The only difference is those who are professionally qualified can state on their business cards that they are members of the professional body and show letters after their name. I'm at technician level looking to carry onto ACA in Sept and I don't hesitate in stating that my occupation is an accountant.
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