Gaining ACCA exemptions this summer

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Hi All,

In my wisdom have decided to do my whole Technician stage in one go. Seemed like a good idea at the time...!

Im doing my project at the moment through Distance Learning and they seem to be taking forever to do anything. The thing that I am getting worried about is gaining the exemptions from ACCA this summer as I want to start that in September.

(Assuming I pass all my exams) what do the AAT need in the way of my project? For example is it enough for my learning provider to declare that i am competent? Or does it have to go to an external verifier first? (which could take forever!)

If my provider say that I am competent but havent notified the AAT before the ACCA signing up deadline would I not get the exemptions at all? Or would I still get them (pending verification or something?)

Am really confused and getting very stressed out that these distance learning people dont seem to be a hurry to do anything - when I am in hurry to get my exemptions! And exams are round the corner!

Please help someone - advice appreciated :):)



  • Bluewednesday
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    I believe as long as your learning provider deem you are competent and notify the AAT by the cut off date you can get your exemptions. Unfortunately you are really relying on them. Well done for getting your project out of the way.
  • phunkyphantom22
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    I'm having exactly the same problems and am pretty sure that, at this rate, I won't make the exemption deadline.

    My skills tests are taking up to 8 weeks to be marked and I still have one to do. I sent off my project last week so am hoping this gets signed off in time.

    I don't think anything gets reported to AAT as complete until it has been fully verified and when I spoke to ACCA they said they need exam results and your statement of achievement which must show everything as complete - if you still have units marked as competent but not reported to AAT, they won't count.

    Keep hassling your learning provider and let them know your situation. It is very stressful and annoying when they don't have the same sense of urgency!
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