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Does anyone have a way of remembering what IAS's belong with which numbers? i have tried relating them to things or just learning them parrot fashion - I think I have got them and then test myself and can't remember them!!

Any help would be appreciated:huh:


  • crispy
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    If I was you, I wouldn't really get too hung up in remembering all those IAS Numbers and standards in any great detail. As long as you have a brief understanding on how to apply the ones which are examinable (I don't think this is all of them) then you should be fine. If it's any help, I couldn't remember the IAS Numbers when I took this exam and still passed without much stress.

    From memory ,if your can confidently prepare single/consolidated accounts, cash-flow statements, calculate ratios and comment, discuss elements of financial statements you will have no problem.

    Come August I am sure you will have passed :thumbup1:
  • immense
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    Thanks for this - I feel a bit better now!! I am only looking at the ones which are examinable, and had been led to believe i had to remember them all!! I can remember names and the requirements of each one fine - I just can't match all the numbers!!

    Fingers crossed for August!
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    This might help!

    Presentation of statements
    IAS 1: Presentation of Financial Statements
    IAS 8: Accounting policies, changes in estimates

    Balance Sheet: Non Current Assets
    IAS 38: Intangible Assets
    IAS16: Property, plant & equipment
    IAS 36: Impairment of assets
    IFRS 5: Non current assets held for sale
    IAS 40: Investment properties

    Balance Sheet: Current assets
    IAS 2: Inventories

    Balance Sheet: Liabilities
    IAS 17: Leases
    IAS 23: Borrowing costs

    Income Statement
    IAS 10: Events after Balance Sheet date
    IAS 12: Income taxes
    IAS 14: Segment reporting
    IAS 18: Revenue
    IAS 37: Provisions, contingent liabilities and contingent assets

    IAS 27: Consolidated and separate financial statements
    IAS 28: Investments in Associates
    IFRS 3: Business Combinations

    Cash Flow
    IAS 7: Cash Flow Statements

    IAS 33: Earnings per Share
  • immense
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    I like that!! Thank you very much! It could definitely help putting them into categories! :thumbup1:
  • lorraine
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    That will be okay if we dont have to remember the no's.
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