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At my workplace we have a lady who is working for us and we receive some money from Government under New Deal rules. My question is how do I enter it into my accounts. We are using QuickBooks program.

At the moment I created a new nominal Income account for Working and Pension Department (where the money is coming from) and did the journal entry
DR Bank £300
CR Dept of working and Pension £300

Is this correct?
And when I pay this lady how can I show that part of her salary is coming out of this new account and the balance is paid by us????

Usually I do the cheque payment to an employee and the expense account is called Employee advances

Please could somebody help me

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  • popcornlpw
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    when you come to pay someone salary out off this fund you just do a bank payment to that nominal.

    and then add this figures to the basic salary to give you the gross pay figuers.

    hope it help
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