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Having just read a previous post on BTC where someone said we shouldnt be using past papers to revise because of changes; well my tutor has never used books and is always handing out past papers for us to revise/teach. He's pretty useless:thumbdown:

So what do I do i'm in a complete panic now should I go out and buy a book at this late stage and try and cram it all in or carry on with what i'm doing.

ARRR MANNN!!! :001_unsure:


  • supersweet2
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    hey knowing that i really stuggled with BTC i would recommend you to buy the book but i did have a really good teacher which went through the book and was very supportive but the exam papers in the book is not really required but it depends on how confident you feel.
  • CelticStar
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    Hi katylou

    I am doing BTC too and I recently bought this book which has quite a few practice exams and answers.

    I also found the Osborne BTC book (07/08 version) really good although you will need to contact Osborne about buying a 'Tutor Pack' for the answers to the practice exams in there - again, there are quite a few.

    Hope that helps and good luck!
  • snooop
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    :ohmy: what has changed
    i took mt btc exam last summer which i failed and will be taking it this summer. I have not attended any tutorials i have just been using the osborne book 2006/2007. Just been reading on the boards the exam has changed. Have i wasted the last few months revising!
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