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can i just put £2 a week through, (if thats still the amount) or do we have to tot up all petty cash,
what happens if he hasnt got receipt??
as local shops dont give receipts and also (seperate question from canteen costs) ...he has lost half of his petrol receipts which will in effect show motoring expenses being less than really are.

This should be last question honest!! thanks for your help!!


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    I dont understand your question about canteen costs - can you expand a bit please.

    Re petrol receipts. If they haven't kept them, then would need to produce a record of the mileage that they have covered during the year, and then you can claim 40p/mile for the first 10K miles then 25p/mile thereafter - to cover all motor expenses including depreciation.

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    hi claudia,
    re petrol costs, im doing the other way so all bills for car tax, repairs etc have been put through and apportioned ,and since you said you cant do it this way and also do the 40p mile, think i should just put in the petrol recipts that he has got.?
    re canteen costs,, sorry, its confusing, i'm afraid i know what i mean and seldom does anyone else lol there may not even be this option,,and ive probably got it wrong,, but could have sworn that i had read somewhere that for canteen costs you can put in a flat rate of say £2 per week instead of adding all petty cash slips up. for tea, coffee milk etc for owners and staff while at the shop. think its based on the idea that small businesses cannot be expected to have time to add up all the tiny bits when running business.
    I have also seen accounts of a similar business recently and the accountant had put £104 canteen costs for 3 years running.
    Thanks for any help
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