All over for another year

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I found that the HMRC system tipped over at around 9pm although it was refusing to accept my agents login/password to finalise P35 way before this.

I only had one customer that let me down this year in terms of getting info to me and as a consequence spent the best part of this evening working on it and inevitably missing deadline as system went down.

I have sent various screen prints to HMRC - any experience of how I should proceed from here in terms of avoiding late filing penalty would be appreciated.


  • Bluewednesday
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    Have a look under penalties on this.
  • Sevren
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    Many thanks - I usually make sure that returns are done well in advance but customer was in Africa. Thanks to your link my panic is over.

    Now if you can find a link that stops me feeling guilty when other peoples lack of forward planning becomes my emergency then I would be grateful !

    For anyone who is in a similar position - this appears to be the saving grace :

    Late filing penalty
    Extra Statutory Concession B46 allows you up to seven more business days after the Employer Annual Return filing deadline of 19 May to send your Return before we start to calculate a late filing penalty. This concession allows for postal delays and problems with Internet connections, including delays and occasional slow service experienced. We will not charge a 2007-08 late filing penalty if we have your Return by midnight on 26 May 2008.

    If you are a small employer, you will still get your tax-free payment if you send your Return online after 26 May, but you may be charged the late filing penalty.

    Many thanks
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