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AAT intermediate vs ACCA

RowanBRowanB Well-KnownRegistered Posts: 158
Hi, I'm very stressed by a dilema I'm facing regarding choice of accountancy qualification to pursue. I graduated from Newcastle University with a 3rd class honours degree in Maths and Statistics. I eventually decided I wanted a career in accountancy and started doing the AAT at intermediate level in February at System Group in Carlisle. It will take till March 2009 to complete intermediate level and then till March 2010 to complete technicians level. Yesterday a freelance accountant advised me that, as a maths and statistics graduate, I am studying well below my level, and it would save me a lot of time if I started studying ACCA in August. However, it seems I would get no exemptions as a maths and statistics graduate. I also have no accounts-related work experience and it has been suggested that I would have a better chance of getting my foot in the financial door as an AAT student. I am very confused by the conflicting advice I have been offered and would really appreciate any advice that could help clear things up. Thanks a lot.


  • jorja1986jorja1986 Well-Known Registered Posts: 210
    I would personally continue with how you are studying. Otherwise you will have wasted a year in effect as Intermediate gives you the grounding but nothing else so ACCA will be more challenging. If you stick at it and complete the tech level you will have a fuller understanding of what you are learning and show potential employers that you are committed to your chosen career path.
  • CelticStarCelticStar Well-Known MAAT Posts: 142
    Hi Rowan

    I agree with the poster above, I think the AAT qualification will be a very good grounding for you and you will gain various exemptions if you complete the tech exams. There is quite a difference between the intermediate and tech exams in my experience. In the meantime, perhaps you could do some accounts temp work (I don't know if you are working at all at the moment). Hays in Carlisle are always on the lookout for reliable temporary workers.

    I live near you at Wigton and I am going to sit my exams as an external entrant at System Group, Carlisle. I am doing BTC & PTC though.

    Good luck with your exams.

  • RowanBRowanB Well-Known Registered Posts: 158
    Thanks for your answer. I wouldn't actually have wasted a year, as I started intermediate level in February '08 and am considering quitting the course and embarking on ACCA in August '08. I would rather do something more challenging if it saves time. Is there anything else I should be worrying about though?
  • RowanBRowanB Well-Known Registered Posts: 158
    Thanks Celticstar. That's cool that you're doing the exams at the same place as me. Getting temp work is the difficult part for me as I have no work experience. I had an interview with Hays a while back and they haven't managed to find me anything.
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