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Hi. I've passed my Int. AAT, but i've been chatting to some friends at work, who mentioned CAT as an alternative. I remember my college tutor during my HNC a few years back being quite keen on it too - anyone any ideas what the difference is? Seems to be more related to ACCA, but not sure why that's any different from AAT.
Could i switch from one to the other, ifi wanted to? i assume i'd have exemptions.


  • Bluewednesday
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    I wouldn't bother switching, CAT is ACCA's version of AAT and it is not as well recognised.

    You get the same exemptions whichever one you choose should you go on to ACCA.
  • blacksheep
    blacksheep Registered Posts: 56 Regular contributor ⭐
    Thank you. is that why its cheaper to study, being not so well recognised?
    You've been a good help.
  • Dot Lundie
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    Yer I would stick with aat too I have heard the other isnt so good
  • kazseera
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    AAT is wayy more recognised, id stick with that if i were you...

    i want to go on to do acca, and when went for my job interview at bentley |& jennison i told them what i intend to do in the future.

    the guy who interviewed me advised that i go on to do ACA , as ive done AAt he said il get more exemptions for aca

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