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I am 28 and looking to have a career change to accountancy and would like your advice and wisdom on what you think is the best route for myself:

I graduated from University about 7 years ago with only a pass in mathematics, however this grade was partly due to a bereavement during the exam period. So I feel confident in most mathematical operations. I am of course disappointed with this grade and it is because of this that I am aiming to enter at AAT level.

I am currently studying to become a financial adviser with my last exam set for July, as this date approaches I am becoming more and more reluctant to persue that career path as market instability can have a serious effect on earnings.

Do you think I have a reasonable chance of starting down this career path?

If so, what is the best route to go down? I have been looking for trainee accounts assistant positions for a while now and they can be thin on the ground.

I have been thinking about sending a CV and covering letter to every accountantcy firm in my area (Norfolk) to enquire about vacancies, do you think this would be productive?

Would you recommend passing a few AAT exams first?

Any advice in this area would be most welcome.

Thanks in advance.


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    You are very organised.

    IMO I think that it will be a valuable qualification for you to have because you can use it in conjuction with your advisors qualification. Many accountancy firms now have departments of accounts advisors.

    You seem to be very intelligent and as long as you prepare yourself I think that you will haev a very good chance of success.

    It is always a good idea to scout to accountancys with your CV as many do not advertise there posistions, and it shows you are willing. Even if you haven't passed any exams a good solid CV goes a long way. Push on it your determination to pass and that although in the past there has been issues you have continued with your studies and passed. The line you are going into is not completely removed from what you are studying. It is just in a different capacity. You are advising on what has been done rather than what should be done.

    If you are seriously considering this then contact your local provider or long distance provider and get your name down!! :thumbup:

    Sorry for the eassay!
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