What to do next?

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I became a full AAT member last November but have not really done anything to decide on the next path to take.

I am fully employed as an Accounts Manager and Company Secretary and I deal with accounting matters on a daily basis. I don't have the desire to progress to the CIMA or ACCA route, but do have the desire to further my knowledge, particularly for my own interests and to satisfy the AAT policy.

Quite often I am asked tax questions, but I have no answer as I did not do the tax side as a student, so a tax qualification would be of interest.

I also manage the payroll and the year end procedures, P11Ds etc and I feel I know what I am doing, but would welcome a qualification just to back this up.

A home study course on both topics would be my preferred. Exams if absolutely unavoidable would be OK, but I do hate them with a fiery vengenace. :laugh:

Thanks for any replies
Greg :001_smile:


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    Re: What to do next

    Hi Greg,

    What I could suggest to you is to do ATT course. It is mainly a taxation course which will be be very good to prepare you for the sort of taxation questions you are often asked.

    Though, it involves a lot of reading and examinations at the end of it. If you can find time to do it, it will be great for you.

    Best of luck.

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