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Hey, I have my FRA exam in 2 weeks and just going through some past papers. I really struggle with the partnership section, for eg in the Dec 07 paper I have no idea how to work out the Appropration A/C or the Goodwill - I dont even know where the figures are from so I cant make sense of the answers

Can anyone got any one help? ? Ive looked around the net and my book is rubbish!

Thanks and good luck those with exams :001_smile:


  • sebastianforbes
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    i find that the trick is to pass over it.

    something else in another paper later on will make it all become clear.

    by the time that you have done all past papers 3 times (yes, 3 times !!!) you will know it all backwards.

    just work one question at a time with the answer sheet to help you along.
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