BIG gap between AAT Foundation and Intermediate?

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Is there a really big gap between Foundation and Intermediate? As practically everybody say it is a massive difference between 2 levels, so are they just make it sounds big thing?

Thanks for your answer.


  • jorja1986
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    I studied both levels and yes there is a difference in workload - Intermediate has a higher workload - but I would not say that it is a BIG difference.

    It is the same as GCSEs and AS levels. Just increased workload. The foundation has already given the grounding for the first few weeks of work and I found it alot easier to follow than those who went straight into Intermediate from other areas.

    Hope this helps
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    i didnt think there was much of a gap between the first and second year. The latter just seemed to repeat alot of the first year only a bit more indepth. Sort of felt confusing and pointless for a while ,then all of a sudden you got to final year and went aHHHH!!! thats why, lol, and strangely things that seemed hard to get a grasp of earlier just fell into place when I knew why.
    But then again, I like to know why everything is done as its part of my nature.

    Well worth doing though, good luck for next year, you'll love it.
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    i have found all of aat to be extremely progressive.

    having said that, i must admit that taxation is in a different zone altogether, you just need to put the hours in !!!

    one day, you will look back and ask yourself "what was all the fuss about ?"
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    Cheers.. thanks, its help me a lot to relaxing lol..

    Guess I'll looking forward to next year, as more workload, as its sound strange, but I find Foundation's a bit boring cos got few works to do..

    Once again, thank you for your replies.

  • welshwizard
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    There is a jump between Foundation and Intermediate - especially the costing side - but believe me, there is a huuuuuuuuuggge difference between Intermediate and Technician - be prepared to work your socks off! Good luck!
  • Maybes
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    The gap between intermediate and technician is very noticeable. Specially the bloody tax exams:mad2:
  • speegs
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    I found there was quite a big gap between certificate and advanced certificate, but it was not exactly impossible to do. The gap between advanced certificate and diploma, was big for cost accounting, but easy for financial accounting.

    The easy options I found where:

    Cash management and credit control


    Personal Tax

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