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When recording mileage allowance payments on P11d's do I record the amount paid in the tax year or the amount that were claimed by the employees during the tax year, regardless of what date we actually paid them?

Ie Employee puts in mileage allowance claim for March 2008 and we paid 0n 20 April 2008. Do I record this in 2007/08 or do I leave this and record in 2008/09?



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    Hi maybe this can help!

    Hi ya.....

    Maybe i am barking up the wrong tree, but I’m presuming that since you intend to disclose the Approved Mileage Rate on the P11d’s your company actually pays over and above the 40p & 25p threshold????

    My understanding is that you should be declaring what has actually been paid (in the FY), rather than taking an accruals approach.

    My understanding maybe incorrect, and if it is I do apologise in advance. Maybe someone else can clarify this for you!

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    It may be helpful for you to obtain a copy of HMR&C publication 480 Expenses and benefits. Hardcopy or pdf off of HMR&C website.

    The rules on this have not changed for a number of years and section 16.7 page 36 explains.

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