self employed when training??

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i read a post recently but cant see it, it said that one of the accounting bodies didnt like you to work and train. i am hoping to get a job and train to be a chartered accountant after i finish the degree. does that mean i would have to give up my clients when i started with ICAEW,CIMA or ACCA training??
seems a bit unfair to spend so long trying to get clients and then not be able to carry on with self employed work when you want to progress further.

any thoughts? I contacted ICAEW but they were a bit vague.


  • sharon
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    Where did you read that? I would be shocked if that was true!!!
  • Bluewednesday
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    ACCA in a way discourages self employment, you have to be signed off by a qualified accountant to get your membership and if you are self employed you might struggle to get an accountant to sign you off.

    Also without a practising certificate you cannot do anything other than VAT payroll and VAT returns. The practising certificate requires 3 years work in an ACCA approved practise. Again not conducive to self employment.

    With ICAEW I believe you need a training contract, which you won't get as self employed but I think CIMA is a bit more flexible.
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