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There is an episode of the Simpsons where Homer has some financial problems and has a dream of an invention which will make him millions but can't quite focus on what it is - this came to mind whilst trying to establish the name of the form on which to recover TVA via Google. I kept reading about the 'special' form but nobody would name the bloomin thing.

However - after one of those I-can't-believe-where-the-time-went episodes on the PC I have established that I need a Form 3559.

I have now given up trying to find a downloadable version and am about to throw myself at the mercy of the Service du Remboursement de la TVA - but would be grateful if anyone has one of these forms.

You would think that Governments would be keen to pay back taxes - but you would never know it !

Many thanks


  • Poodle
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    Hi Sevren

    Have you got VAT notice 723?

    Have you tried the VAT 66 section (page 8) they may be able to help.

  • Sevren
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    Yes I have read the notice - it is very helpful - gives the contact details but it didnt give the name of the form which has slowed progress in terms of asking for it with the language barrier.

    I am waiting for an email back from the French authoritites so hopefully things will move on now.

    Last nights post was probably out of frustration rather than anything else !!

    As a bit of a side issue - I have managed to cause havoc by using the translation websites - I have now learnt to use one to convert into the foreign language - and then another to translate back what I've just done to see how it would sound in English to avoid misunderstandings. The results have indicated that extensive use of these sites isn't going to lead to world peace....
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    I would strongly recommend that you use a specialist agency to recover foreign VAT/TVA etc - unless you happen to speak fluent french and are up to date with french TVA laws and rules!!!!!!!

    The forms are really complex and have to be completed in the language of that country.

    I have never used one and cannot comment on any company, charges etc - but generally they are well respected and good at what they do.

  • Sevren
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    Hi Claudia - yes - I think that is the conclusion that I am coming to ! - my exasparation in last nights post would seem to be the tip of the iceberg.

    That said - I do now have the form !

    Thank you for allowing me to vent a bit of frustration !
  • domemma
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    Hi there,

    The form you're looking for can be accessed through :

    I am not an expert in French TVA rules but I do speak french fluently if it can be of any help...let me know
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