Faculty Finance Clerk

brett316 Registered Posts: 48 Regular contributor ⭐
Just been offered an interview for the above at a University. Just wondering if any1 does a similar role, as in what it would entail? The website I applied for it doesnt have the job description anymore so I cant see it at the moment but think its coming in the post Monday.

Also anything they might focus on in the interview? That would be a good help.

Hopefully it would be a nice finish after the exams, good luck to everyone by the way! X


  • artepka
    artepka Registered Posts: 3 New contributor 🐸
    Hi Brett...I work for a University....try to find out which fin. system they are using...about the Uni structure, do they have a central finance division..., would you be dealing just with faculty accounts or also departmental?
    I have to go now, but I am happy to discuss it further...
    Good luck!
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