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Hello all.

i need to print out management accounts in sage (v12) - sales and all the expences.

please can someone direct me on how to do so.

thanks a lot.+


  • sheelagh
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    Do you just need at basic P&L? Go to Financials, the select P&L and enter the date range you need.
    If you want to know what is within the default headings in the P&L, go to NOMINAL, then COA and select the Default Chart of Accounts. Here you can change the headings, what is included in each heading, and add new headings.
    More if you need it - let me know
  • jhill
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    thanks, will try it tonight and let you know,
  • Roberta
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    You need to print the P&L and Balance Sheet, also go to Nominal Activity and print out all the activity, which should produce a full set of auditable accounts.
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