Quick question about rounding numbers!

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This must be last minute panicking, my brain has gone to pot.

Can someone please clarify for me what to do if calculations should be rounded to the nearest whole number. For example, 14.4 - would that be 14 or 15. If they asked you to calculate 14.4 to one decimal place I would put 14 but what do you do for nearest whole number? Isn't 14 closer to a whole number than 15??

Many thanks to anyone who can help!:tongue_smilie:


  • nikkym
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    Normally with quantities they tell you to round up to the nearest whole number so your 14.4 would be 15.

    With values you would round up or down accordingly, 14.4 would be 14.

    If it doesn't specify, we've always been told to write 'rounded' so they can see where you're coming from!!
  • Venger
    Venger Registered Posts: 2 New contributor ?
    Thanks, it was the values bit I was a bit confused about! I will stick to the way I normally do it and ignore the past exam paper answer I saw!
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