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I am trying to keep all options open. I am trying to find out some information on how to become an AAT lecturer once you are a full member of the AAT.

Please could someone shed some light on how to become one? Also the costing/course title? Aswell as likely pay once you are a "lecturer"?



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    I don't know how old you are or how much work experience you have in the accounting field.

    Presumably when you say "once you are a full member" means that you will or you are working. Is it 2 years experience you need? I don't know.

    Ask your self - are you confident enough to be able to answer Intermediate or Technician level student's questions sort on instantaneously. You have been in the class and you know what sort of students ask.

    You would be advised to start to teach the Foundation Level to start with until you get grips with teaching.

    Once you join the college you will be required to study for PGCE/Cert.Ed level 5 qualifications. Further to teach AAT you will need to be a qualified NVQ assessor. Which means that what ever work you assess for students it will not be recognised by AAT. Therefore your assessment will have to be counter signed by another qualified assessor.

    You will need to achieve A1 - assessors award with-in 18 months of your starting to teach. Further your college may require you achieving a verifier’s qualification 1 year after achieving A1 qualification

    So for the next 2 to 3 years you will be teaching - a steep learning curve for the first 12 months, and learning to achieve teaching and aat required qualifications.

    The salary you will be look at anything between 18K and 22K per year. But you will not be employed on a full time basis by a college. Than means you will start on a sessional basis- (work only when available) and It may take a year or more to get point 5 job ie- 50% of full time but at least you will be on the ladder.

    Starting point contact the Business Curriculum manger and plead / grovel with him. Generally it will be a hit and miss because he will not be interested to entertain your enthusiasm unless he has a need for an AAT foundation lecturer.

    You can go on the teacher’s website to search for the teaching jobs

    Good luck
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