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I have almost finished the ATT diploma by distance learning and would like to complete the exams for the AAT payroll.

Do I have to enrol on a course, whether it be with a a college or distance learning, or can I just pay to sit the exams?



  • NeilH
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    There are skills tests for the payroll qualifications so you'll need to be registered witha a centre for these units.

  • warwick5763
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    An AAT's attempt at payroll

    I finished Technician level earlier this year and thought I would just supplement my knowledge of payroll by reading the book and sitting the exam as I never understood maternity pay, waiting days etc. I sat the exam last week DNP and I admit I will be a very lucky boy if I have passed and it seems not attending a course or the simulations has cost me. For the first time in three years I had two questions I simply couldnt write anything about..The message is "its harder than it looks" and dont underestimate it like I did. Another go in December.
  • moosh
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    Thanks for your replies.

    For info, I already run the monthly payroll for a company employing just over 100 employees and am pretty clued up on most things (I think). I just wanted to complete the exams to add another string to my bow:001_smile:.
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