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Does anyone know of a source (hopefully free) for typical small business statistics?

eg what gp% would you expect from a fish and chip shop or an antique retailer?

I think that HMR&C have an indicator but I cannot find it on the web site.

Thanking you in anticipation



  • claudialowe
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    Hi Poodle

    I would also be interested in you manage to find anything. The HMRC thing that you are on about are the old TIPs which have now been removed from their website. I have got downloads of some of them, but there is an awful lot of guff and anything of any real interest has been "withheld because disclosure would prejudice the assessment or collection of taxes/duties or assist tax/duty avoidance or evasion" :crying::crying::crying:

    I suspect that there are websites that you could subscribe to that would give you that information.

    Please do let me know how you get on.

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